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Use your NFT as Collateral to get TON
Stake your NFT and mine $MONK
Discover and Track TON ecosystem
Low fee dick-to-dick electronic cash alternative to Toncoin
Unlocking LST's Potential in Ton's DeFi

This tiger can be your spot. Please fill THIS FORM to request for being added on JogjaTON website as our friend


 Roadmap 2024


  • Research potency to release a Project Based TON 

  • Open Channel and Main Chat Groups Deploy token on TON Blockchain and Deploy website alpha version
  • Sleep
  • NFT Collection 
  • Start new Sprint with Zealy 


  • Open Partnership opportunities
  • Bring more Liquidity to the DEX
  • Expand more to something JogjaTON haven't explore
  • Invite more celebrities to join JogjaTON Community


  • Website Revamp to web2 from web1
  • Bring more Events to earn more TON or JOG


  • 1 JOG = 1 TON

Lets grow together from WEB1 to WEB3 and beyond

JogjaTON is a blockchain community based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia that focuses on TON blockchain education and adoption in the region.


Your Gateway to TON Ecosystem💎


We have the vision that someday Telegram can be a super app for global users and with TON as its blockchain it can dominate every sector in the future like DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi and another +Fi that may come

We are TON users, we used TON because we know its value and it is born from Pavel Durov, owner of Telegram. He is TON father.


JogjaTON is a community. A non profit organization that have mission to make more people understand about blockchain and its potency to make better world. And we believe that TON is the best blockchain even though its value is not as expensive as Ethereum. But transaction fee on TON is super duper cheap.

We open to any collaboration with other projects regardless their blockchain based, we also open to collaborate with Community leaders and all decentralized projects.  

JOG is a jetton (token in TON ecosystem) we you can have JOG by swap TON to JOG. The concept of JOG will be Hold to Earn, so the more JOG you have, the more you will gain airdrop or benefit.


From Jogja with ❤️ 2023-2024. Create with MacBook in Indonesia
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